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WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023 Table Tennis Event

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Sulaymaniyah 2023 will be a landmark event for table tennis. It will feature 64 of the world’s top youth contenders from around the globe, who will battle it out to become the World Table Tennis Youth Contender Champion of 2023. The event will take place in Sulaymaniyah and feature both singles and team play matches over several days.

This tournament is open to all players between the ages of 12 and 18, giving them an opportunity to prove their skills on an international level. All participants must meet certain criteria before they can enter, including having a valid passport or visa as well as necessary travel documents in order to compete.

The venue chosen for this event is none other than the Sulaymaniyah Sports Complex which features three courts that have been recently upgraded with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for a smooth experience throughout the tournament. Furthermore, there are multiple stands that provide great seating capacity for spectators wishing to come to watch the talented youth players compete against each other while also providing excellent views of all three courts simultaneously.

Additionally, there are many restaurants nearby where people can enjoy some local dishes during their visit to Sulaymaniyah’s WTT Youth Contender Tournament in 2023!

Event Details: Registration, Dates, Venue

Registration for the WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023 Table Tennis Event will open in mid-2022. To register, participants must have a valid TT ID number and be between the ages of 8 and 18. The entry fee is $50 per person, which covers tournament entry, equipment fees, and event t-shirts. Registration closes one week before the event begins on May 15th, 2023.

The WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023 Table Tennis Event will take place from May 15th to 18th 2023 at the Sulaymaniyah Sports Hall. Located in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, this modern venue offers everything needed for an exciting table tennis tournament including 24 courts with top-notch surfaces, advanced scoring systems, ample seating for spectators, and more.

Participants will have access to all amenities during their stay including food vendors onsite as well as nearby restaurants and shopping centers.

Participants: Age Groups, Requirements

Participants in the WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023 Table Tennis Event must fall within certain age groups to be eligible for entry. The event is open to participants aged 12-18 years old. Participants who are under 18 must provide written parental consent prior to participating and those under 16 require a parent or guardian present at all times during the tournament. All participants will also have to pass a fitness test before being allowed to compete, which includes tests in coordination, physical endurance, and agility. Those who do not meet the requirements will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Prizes: Awards, Gifts

Awards are a great way to recognize the best players in any table tennis tournament. At the WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023 event, awards will be given out for the top finishers in the competition. This could include first place overall or individual awards for each category such as singles, doubles, and team events. Awards will also be given out to those who show exemplary sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

Gifts can also be used as prizes for participants of this table tennis event. Gift cards can be awarded to those who have made strong efforts and achieved good results. There are also other items that can be gifted such as apparel or equipment related to table tennis that participants can use during their next matches. These gifts will serve as motivation for players while they continue to strive towards success in the sport of table tennis.

Events & Activities: Challenges, Fun Games

Challenges are a great way to test your skills and develop them further. In the WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023 table tennis event, participants will be able to partake in various challenges that will push their physical and mental limits. These events can include specific tasks such as trying to hit the ball over a certain distance or hitting a target in order to score points. Participants can also compete against other players and work together with teammates to come up with strategies that will help them win the challenge.

Fun games are also a great way for participants of this event to have some fun while they perfect their table tennis skills. There are many different types of fun games that can be enjoyed at this event, such as ping pong racing, which involves two teams of four players each who race against each other by hitting the ball back and forth across the net until one team reaches 25 points first.

Other exciting games include Table Tennis Target Shooting, where players take turns shooting balls into targets located around the court for points; and Ping Pong Roulette, where players spin an arrow on the board before shooting balls at randomly selected targets for points!

Spectators: Live Streaming, Admission Fees

Live streaming was a popular element of the WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023 Table Tennis Event. Spectators had the opportunity to view the event from home or on their own devices. This allowed those who were unable to attend, due to location or other factors, the chance to watch and experience the event. The live stream also allowed viewers to follow along with any live scoring updates as they occurred throughout each match.

The admission fees for this event were quite reasonable, allowing anyone interested in attending an opportunity to do so without breaking their budget. With tickets starting at just $5 USD per person, spectators could easily find their way into this exciting table tennis competition without having to worry about investing too much money in order for them to enjoy it. Additionally, discounts were made available for families and group packages that allowed multiple entries at a discounted price.

Community Impact: Local Businesses, Schools

Local businesses made an important impact on the WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023 Table Tennis Event. Two local restaurants offered discounts to all event attendees and volunteers, while two local stores provided discounts on sporting equipment and merchandise. As a result, the event was able to attract more people from the local community and increased the involvement of local businesses in table tennis.

Schools also had an important role in making this event happen. The schools partnered with the WTT to promote their program for young athletes. Through this partnership, students were able to learn about table tennis and get involved by participating in tournaments and clinics held during the event.

Additionally, teachers from each school helped with coaching, refereeing matches, and providing support for athletes throughout the tournament. This not only benefitted students but also gave them access to mentors who could help guide them as they pursued their dreams in table tennis.

Summary of Sulaymaniyah 2023

Sulaymaniyah 2023 was a table tennis event organized by WTT Youth Contender in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. It featured over 200 participants from around the world competing in various age categories. The tournament was held from October 13th to 15th and provided a platform for talented young players to showcase their skills.

The event consisted of 5 rounds with 64 players per category. Winners were awarded medals and prizes, including cash prizes for the top 4 finalists in each category. The tournament also included other activities such as an exhibition match between the top two qualifiers and a special match involving local youth players showcasing their talent.

Throughout the tournament, there were several high-level performances from players competing at the highest level of play. There were also plenty of opportunities for spectators to witness some great displays of skill and technique on display by both competitors and organizers alike. In addition, there was plenty of media coverage surrounding the event which highlighted its success and importance to table tennis in Iraq as well as around the world.

WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah 2023


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