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iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot


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Dimensions 11 × 18.75 cm



‎Black, Orange



Product Dimensions

‎11"L x 11"W x 18.75"H

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‎2.5 Pounds

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‎2.81 Kilograms

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‎11 x 11 x 18.75 inches

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Date First Available

September 30, 2009

8 reviews for iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

  1. mikef

    My experience: a table tennis storyI would like to focus this review on what the iPong is and not try and compare it with other more expensive robots. So if you are in the market for a full featured robot, my advice is to invest in those robots. BUT if you want a fair product eval on the iPong Original than please read on.I bought the iPong because I don’t have the budget to invest in a Newgy or like robot. I play at the office almost every day and at least once a week at my local TT club. With that said I am a total noob to table tennis and I am not very good. I figure a robot would be a great training aid and with the lack of a friend that shares my desire to get better I needed something. Enter the iPong!My first impression when unpacking the iPong was; it’s really well made. I know these types of items are mass produced, but JOOLA put some thought into designing this and use higher end materials in the process. It’s really easy to put together, 5 stars on packaging and assembly.I put it on the table and plugged it in, started it up and tested with some practice balls. The first thing I noticed was the noise, it’s pretty loud, and the faster you make the back or top spin the louder it gets. This is not a major issue, it’s just the first thing I noticed.Once I dialed in the settings I started to hit, and at first I blamed the iPong for serving the ball wrong and that’s why I was crushing them into the net. Then I came to the realization that I am really bad at TT and the iPong was just serving the ball close to the net where I never really play.Another feather in JOOLA’s cap, I like to believe they thought about this and engineered the iPong to keep the ball low. I think over time this will make me a better player. 3 stars for noise, 5 stars for challenging me.Operation (after 7 hoppers full 6/2/2015):1. When there are 9 balls left they just stay in the hopper and never make it into the chute. Happened every time.2. When the hopper is about half full a ball would get stuck in the chute. Happened about half the time.3. Every 5th or 6th ball comes out with little force and to the left. Good for testing your chops.4. Even with raising the iPong off the table the ball doesn’t bounce high, this is a good thing in the long run.I have a goal. I am going to use the iPong for 30 days and report back to this thread on my progress. I feel that 3 stars is a fair review for now. I think there are improvements to me and the machine that will make me happier with the iPong but I need to give this a fair shot.Update (7/3/2015)I added another start to my review, because the iPong is doing what it is designed to do. It’s helping me become a better table tennis player.If you want all the features of the high end robots, then go buy one, but if you want a great value and a tool that will make you a better player then buy this tool.All the issues that I mentioned in the above operation section still happen and I am fine with it.

  2. Clay O.

    DecentOverall not bad

  3. Paul D.

    Excellent Basic RobotBackground: I play regularly at my local table tennis club. I wouldn’t call myself a great player, but I’m no slouch. I wanted this thing in order to: 1. Get some exercise. 2. Tinker and tune my strokes. I also understood the limitations of a machine like this. It cannot shoot a ball with low velocity and high spin. You can choose high speed and high spin, or low on both settings categories. I think some people don’t understand this before they purchase one of these.Performance: At this point I have now had this thing launch a few thousand balls at me. The iPong Original has performed very well. I mainly use Gambler Gold balls, but I have some others mixed in. The settings for increasing or decreasing the interval between shots allows anything between a very slow pace to frantic. The spin adjustments work well. If you want a slow shot with no spin, you turn both the topspin and backspin down low. If you want fast and topspin, turn the topspin way up and the backspin way down.I have only had it jam once. I gave it a shake and it hasn’t happened since. I’ve noticed if balls are different enough, they will come out differently, and why wouldn’t they?? This actually gives you a bit of unpredictability to play with. But I would really suggest using the same kind of ball if you want consistency, and again, I’d suggest the Gambler Gold balls.Extra thoughts: Use some creativity with this and you can avoid the need to buy a more expensive robot! If you want to practice smashing, this thing doesn’t produce a slow lob no matter how how you set it on the table by itself, but you can still make it happen! I set a box on the table close to the net and then set the iPong on the box. Then I put paper back books under it to tilt it up at an angle, and finally I turn it on with slow, no-spin. And I smash away. It’s really not hard and it’s my favorite way to use this! But if you think this is too much hassle, you’ll need to buy something far more expensive.Fast topspin is what this machine can do best. It’s a great way to practice counter-looping. If you want a slow shot with heavy backspin, such as from a serve, this might not be able to produce that. Though I’ve been thinking of ways I could position it on the floor and tilt it up… Haven’t tried it yet.I use the iPong net to collect the balls. You really need this or else you’ll spend all day looking for the balls, or worse – stepping on them.I like switching between forehand and backhand on alternating shots. I enjoy seeing how many aggressive shots I can land consecutively. This has improved my basic strokes. I’ve been able to unlearn some bad habits. My backhand attack has improved noticeably in club play. It’s a good basic robot. Don’t expect a $700 robot! Add in some creativity and you’ll really enjoy this.

  4. RB

    Great! Needs a little effort to set up, and could be improved with very simple changes.It’s really useful. You need to adjust the distance from the net and the height to get it to reliably clear the net. The remote could do with an on/off switch so that you can keep exactly the same frequency set up. This is important because if your trying to stretch your foot movement to the limit: you want to fine tune the frequency.Why did they make the base identical to the ball hopper at the top. Where my table is there are hundreds of places for balls to hide themselves: any ball which hits the base bounces up and over the catching net.

  5. Lucc

    It does the jobIt basically does the job.A few things that made my life easier..I had to get the ipong net ball catcher with this, and I taped the frame together so I won’t have to fully disassembly it every time.I got a foot power switch so I don’t have to turn off the dial and back on every time, since the same dial sets the frequency and intensity and that would make it hard to get it back to the same position after every turn off and then dial back on.I got a high bar stool chair and place it under the net catcher base, beside the table, so I can put the ipong original robot on it and made it further from the net so I can simulate serves. Works well.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great customer service from AmazonI am not in the habit of doing product reviews- but feel compelled to do so in this case because of the complete lack of customer service. and lack of respect this company has for its purchasersMy first unit was shipped in an open box without instructions Apparently someone had tampered with it in shipment.. Amazon promptly replaced it . Great customer service from Amazon !My problems with this purchase, however did not end here!I took the replaced Unit unopened to Florida to use during the winter months where we play lots of ping pong with a group .- This has proved to be a mistake as I have to return the unit to Canada to have Amazon replace it!Set it up as per instructions, tried various makes of balls( all the correct size) but it just does NOT work properly- it is not fit for the purpose it is being sold for or is defective. One out of every 3 or so balls doe not clear the net.Impossible to adjust. Does not appear to have enough or consistent speed. All the experienced players who attempted to use it with me said it was useless and a waste of money.Attempts to reach customer service for proved help useless and a complete waste of time – they do not answer their customer support line. I tried many times!. E mail sent, received robot reply but to date No real customer service.. I would give this product a ZERO or less !. It’s a throw away! This is not a company you can count on for support Customer and Amazon BEWARE!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Works well and commensurate with the pricePerforms as advertised. I recommend it for beginners, needing to practice but not wanting to spend too much at this stage.

  8. Ian

    It cannot turningI thought it can turn around to give me a good PingPong experience. But it cannot turn.

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